A new way to transition to motherhood. Fully supported.


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Holistic Occupational Therapy focusing on intentional wellness

for mom

and developmental support for baby

in your own home.

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Finding your balance while your body is transitioning after giving birth can be difficult.

Having a therapist who understands mental health and child development on your side can make the transition a little easier.

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Learn how to be more intentional in the health and wellness of you and your baby.

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A Personalized Care Plan for You

Pelvic floor work

Bladder control

Wrist and hand support

Sexual Health

Postpartum support


Ergonomic Parenting Solutions

and Positioning Strategies

Home set-up



Clean Cartoon Family Playing with Baby

Developmental Support for

Baby's Growth

Typically developing infants

Neurological impairments

Genetic disorders

Physical disabilities

Birth trauma

For Baby:

How do I know if my baby is making crucial milestones?

My baby was in the NICU and is home now, how do I provide the best care?

My baby seems to be getting a flat head, why, and what can I do about it?

What are the safest ways to position my baby for sleeping?

How can I help my baby be less fussy after eating?

What positioners should I use for my baby to build skills and when?

My baby was born with a genetic or physical disorder, how can I best support their needs?

For Mom:

How do I hold my baby without my wrists or back hurting?

I want to get back to work, but my body is fatigued, how can I get there more quickly?

I'm scared I won't be a good mom, how do I know if I'm doing the right things?

How do I carry the car seat so it doesn't hurt my back or my arms?

It feels like I always have to pee, and sometimes I end up leaking, what can I do about it?

The idea of having sex with my partner after giving birth is scary, how to I even go about it?

Let a trained neurodevelopmental occupational therapist be your support.

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Treatment for the whole package;

your body, your baby, your home.

Bonding and Play for You and Baby

Learn the importance of bonding with your infant and 5 ways to incorporate it while you are also working on healing yourself.

A Personalized Care Plan for You

During our first session, I will do a complete evaluation of your physical and self care needs and a developmental screening of your infant. Together we will discuss what goals are important to you and develop a plan of care that fits your schedule and timeline. This will guide us through your treatment

Developmental Strategies for Baby

An assessment by a developmental therapist with neonatal experience that provides continous support of developmental milestones for your typically or delayed infant including sleep strategies, fine and gross motor skills, vision development, and sensory tips for up to the first year.

Infant massage and Sensory Assessment for You and Baby

Learn positioning techniques for your baby to reduce spit ups and fussiness and gentle infant massage to help your baby's digestive system and bonding. Understand how sensory processing needs affect you and your baby and how to incorporate strategies to help you both feel more calm.

Mental and Sexual Well-Being for You

Lets discuss the self care activities that are important to you, the importance of sleep hygiene on mental health, pelvic floor health, bladder health, sexual wellness, postpartum emotions and support systems. Then we will spend dedicated sessions being intentional about your mental and physical well-being that include treatments focused in these areas.

Ergonomic Home Set Up for You

Home set up is often overlooked and therefore causes injury especially after child birth. I will provide a home set up guide specific to your space and help you rearrange to make your space more functional for your healing body so you can spend more time on the things that matter.

Plans that meet your needs

First session evaluation and care plan 90 minutes 225

This session is a full evaluation of mental and physical health of both mom and baby as well as looking at the ergonomics of your home and day to give you the most energy to spend on the things that matter. We will set our intentions for therapy. This awareness can help you to begin practicing new habits of thinking and being.

In home sessions after evaluation 60 minutes 140

After a full evaluation, we will schedule sessions to address the areas that matter most to you and where you have the most concerns. I will also provide insight into how to encourage development of your babies next steps.

Zoom session for established clients 60 minutes 110

Zoom sessions are reserved for established clients that may be having a sick day but still need to strategize through problem areas. I also can treat patients by zoom who live in Washington state.

One Time Consultation with Recommendations 90 minutes 250

This is for the mom and baby that have a great support system and resources but want a skilled therapist to come evaluate and provide ergonomic home strategies, strengthening exercises and babies next steps to help guide the first few weeks or months after baby is home.

I am an out of network provider with insurances. I can provide a superbill to submit to your insurance on request. Often insurance will reimburse for 50-80% of services. Being an out of network provider allows me to treat the individual needs of each client without restrictions in your home so outcomes are better and faster than if I were restricted to treating one area of dysfunction.

There are Benefits of a Having an Holistic Occupational Therapist by your Side

  • Your baby grows quickly, and as they do, setting intentional goals for development will help your baby stay on track.

  • Working with an occupational therapist can help you get control of a weak bladder, manage pelvic pain, and recover faster from birth while addressing your unique psychosocial needs.

  • Many parents feel they aren't sure if they are "doing enough," leading to added stress and anxiety. Having a skilled therapist with you, in your home, helps to alleviate these fears by addressing concerns when and where you have them.

  • Holistic Occupational Therapy treats the whole person, mind, body, spirit and their environment, making outcomes more attainable and clients feel more understood by their therapist. Creating a trusting relationship with your healthcare provider is key when discussing sensitive topics such as depression, pelvic pain, and sexual health.

  • Posture is key. Good posture can lead to longer term breast feeding potential. Poor posture when lifting, carrying and bending can lead to long term injuries.

  • Occupational therapists are masters at using functional therapy, showing you ways to incorporate strategies throughout your day during tasks you are already doing or want to do.

We don't often realize how the habits we develop in the the first year after giving birth affect us;

good or bad, they can last a lifetime.

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Heidi Vladyka Fletcher MOTR L C NDT

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Distinguising Occupational Therapy's Role in Transition to Motherhood

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